Selecting the right rig

There is nothing more personal than … ehm … making your own personal choice!

And the same goes for selecting the right rig (hey, be proud of me, I’m already using “inner circle terms” like “rig”). As usual, it starts with knowing what you need (must-have), want (nice-to-have), prefer not (downside) and don’t want (veto). And that is already very personal. It took me a lot of reading up on forums, watching videos, and even some thinking to come up with my list:


  • 1:14 – 1:8 4×4 Scale Trailing / Crawling car: Big enough for garden / forest, not too big to handle.
  • Complete with all electronics like motor, ESC, servos, transmitter, receiver and what not. Choosing which car is already tough enough, I didn’t also wanted to have to research electronics. Separate battery and charger is fine though.
  • Quality is more important then costs (while still within budget): If I go for a cheap car, I’ll probably get annoyed over the lack of quality or features.
  • Electric motor, not an internal combustion engine.
  • Waterproof.
  • Plenty of online help.


  • Fancy features (like lockable diffs and multi-speed).
  • Rather a new model (more up-to-date) than an old one.
  • Jeep Renegade / Land Rover Defender body style with nice scale details.
  • Upgradable components: If something breaks I want to be able to fix (or upgrade) it myself.
  • Scale accessories possible: Lights, a winch. sounds etc etc.


  • Speed: No need for a high top speed.
  • Basher: I prefer skill over spectacle.
  • Kit: I’m not comfortable with the idea of (masking and) painting a car body.


  • I need to be able to see / feel it before I buy.
  • Anything that doesn’t fit the “must-have”-s.

As I wrote before, these were my considerations. Yours might (and probably will) be different. Just make sure you get what fits you, not what others like best themselves!

Curious which cars made my shortlist, and how I made my final decision? Then read on


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