You can never have enough (spare) tires!

Or, how to make your own…

Many TRX-4 owners complain that the spare tire on the rear is too heavy. To me, I don’t mind, I actually like it, it gives it a more powerful, rugged look. Then again, I guess I’m more a RC trailer than a crawler anyway. So how to make it even prettier?

It starts with adding a tire cover over the existing spare tire. At first I bought some from Yeah Racing, but unfortunately those didn’t fit the bigger TRX-4 tires.


Luckily, somebody from the German Facebook group Traxxas TRX-4 Scale und Trail Crawler Deutschland was kind enough to print some custom covers for me on fabric, not (fake) leather like the ones from Yeah Racing. That way they are easier to fit and (probably) less likely to be torn.26692086_1784531771581809_1931839872_o

I hope you’re wondering now: 3 covers, for 2 cars? What a waste! But no, all I needed was another spare tire. Or even better, a lighter, fake replica. Luckily I found the perfect substitute:
Added a simple spacer:
And put the wheel cover over it:

The end result:

With the original spare tire, it is quite a tight fit between the tire, the jack and the jerrycans. Luckily the new covers are thin and elastic, I doubt that I would have managed with the Year Racing ones.

So what to do with the Yeah Racing covers? Same trick, but then for the trailer!


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